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Everything We’ve Learned From ‘Justin Bieber: Seasons’

Everything We’ve Learned From ‘Justin Bieber: Seasons’

On Monday, Justin Bieber’s new docuseries was released on YouTube Originals.

The 10-episode series called Justin Bieber: Seasons gives viewers a BTS look at the creation of Justin’s first studio album in four years. The series touches on the singer’s decision to cancel his Purpose album tour in 2017, his mental health journey, what it was like growing up in the spotlight, and his relationship with wife Hailey Bieber.

Episodes are around 10-minutes long and are being released intermittently.

J-Biebz stan or not, it’s difficult not to empathize with Justin if you tune into the series. As with many celebrity documentaries, the series has helped Justin regain the love and respect he lost after years of partying and reckless decisions.

It’s clear he’s happier and wiser than ever before and though we’re only half-way through the series, we’ve already learned a lot about the wildly famous pop star.

Here’s everything we’ve learned so far from Justin Bieber: Seasons.

1/ His new music is coming very soon

According to the first episode of the documentary, Justin’s first album in four years is apparently dropping in February. Creating this album has taken years. On Justin’s process, manager Scooter Braun said, “From Journals on, his process usually begins with him just experimenting for a solid six months before we even talk one song.” Though no release date has been announced, Beliebers are guessing February 14 based on hints Justin’s shared on social media recently.

2/ Ariana Grande helped him get back to music

After canceling his Purpose tour to focus on his mental health, Justin took a hiatus from performing publicly. In 2018, friend Ariana Grande invited Justin to sing with her on stage at Coachella. Though the performance seemed spontaneous, the doc reveals that Ari asked him in advance and Justin really agonized over the decision. “Justin was going back and forth whether it was the right time or not,” Ryan Good, co-founder of Justin’s clothing line, Drew House, said in an interview. Ultimately, it ended up being the best thing for Justin. After the performance, he told his management team “I want you to get me back out here.”

3/ Hailey asked her parents if it was dumb to marry him

Justin proposed to model Hailey Bieber (née Baldwin) in 2018, one month after reconciling from their 2-year split. In an interview for the series, Hailey admitted that she didn’t accept right away. Instead, she called her parents and asked them to “stop her from doing something crazy” by marrying Justin Bieber. She said she expected them to tell her to sleep on it, but instead they gave her their blessing, telling their daughter that they trust her judgment and think the two are “meant to be.”

4/ Justin and Hailey are obsessed with each other

In news surprising to no one, the documentary solidifies that Justin and Hailey are wildly in love. “I feel at home wherever he is, so if he’s holed up in the studio, that feels like home to me,” Hailey said about spending late nights in the studio with Justin. The pop star is equally as smitten, as Hailey’s been a hugely positive force in his life— helping him become healthier and happier. Those close to the couple also love them together. Allison Kaye from Justin’s management team revealed in the doc that she “sleeps great now” that Justin is married to Hailey. “I know that someone is there with him if something goes wrong, there’s this very confident, capable, smart adult that is there to help him with it, and I also know that he’s much happier than the Justin Bieber five years ago.”

5/ Hailey was heavily involved in his new music

From late nights at the studio to her opinion on his tracks, Hailey played a huge role in the creation of Justin’s latest studio album. His team insisted Hailey’s presence at the studio brings out the best in Justin’s creative process. His producer, Poo Bear, verified Hailey’s role on the album, saying, “We care about what Hailey thinks. Her opinion is overly valued.” Hailey seemed equally as keen to be involved in her husband’s music. “I love watching him do what he’s so good at,” she gushed. “Even if it means me laying on the couch until 3, 4 in the morning binge-watching TV shows and just being around.”

6/ His life is all about the music

Some fans are disappointed with the series so far, as they expected it to dive a little deeper into Justin’s personal life over the last four years— including his rocky relationship with Selena Gomez. However, Justin’s team has assured that creating music genuinely has been his main focus. “It’s really about the music in the past couple of years,” Michael D. Ratner, director and executive producer of Seasons told CNN. Despite skipping over some major parts of Justin’s past, episode 5 titled “The Dark Season” will address his depression. “Whether you’re a global superstar or no matter who you are, these are relatable issues and everybody goes through them, famous or not,” Ratner said.

You can watch Justin Bieber: Seasons on YouTube.

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