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Bella Hadid Co-Founds Non-Alcoholic Adult Beverage Brand, Kin Euphorics

Bella Hadid Co-Founds Non-Alcoholic Adult Beverage Brand, Kin Euphorics

Bella Hadid is adding co-founder to her resume.

The 24-year-old supermodel revealed today that she has partnered non-alcoholic adaptogenic drink, Kin Euphorics— not in a typical celebrity endorsement sense, but rather as the co-founder and chief operating officer.

Joining CEO Jen Batchelor— who conceptualised the brand following a 2016 trip to Whole Foods in search of a drink that promotes stress relief without the downsides of alcohol— Bella will reportedly play a role in everything from strategy to formulation. In fact, the drink will soon be infused with lavender grown on the Hadid family farm in Pennsylvania.

While Kin Euphorics was already successful before Bella’s endorsement, the influencer made a sizeable investment in the business to secure part ownership. Speaking with Vogue, Bella explains her interest in Kin came after years of battling social anxiety and depression, both of which were heightened when she drank alcohol.

“I would just go to the next job and the next job and the next job—constantly pushing and pushing,” she told the publication. “I had to be at work at 7 a.m. and somehow go out the night before. It wasn’t sustainable.”

It’s this hard and fast lifestyle that inspired Jen to launch the brand in the first place— nearly two-thirds of Millennials are trying to drink less alcohol, though many are not willing to give up the social aspect that comes along with it.

Formulated with mood-boosting and stress-reducing nootropic ingredients such as Rhodiola rosea and GABA, Kin puts a new spin on “brain food”, offering customers a feeling of “bliss” over a buzz. Though there’s evidence to suggest these cognitive-enhancing benefits are largely a placebo effect, there is no denying that sober and sober-lite lifestyles are significantly healthier for us in the long term.

“I don’t socially drink nearly as much as I used to,” Bella tells Vogue of her sober-curious lifestyle. “You can either take one shot of whiskey to feel better for 20 minutes or you can drink Kin every day to feel better for a lifetime.”

You can buy Kin online or find it at over 75 stockists across the U.S.

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